My goal with photography is to capture an image that represents what I see and feel in a given location or situation. I have a deep connection with the back country. I often tell people it is my church and am in constant awe of the natural wonders in the Pacific Northwest. Photography is the capture of light........I love chasing the light of sunsets!

I was given my first camera at the age of 8 on a trip to Alaska. It was a Kodak Instamatic point-and-shoot that used a 35mm film cartridge, that was followed by various point-and-shoots. In 1979 I purchased my first "real" camera where I had control over settings and a variety of lenses which was a "used" Konica TC. Photography has been an on again, off again hobby over the years more so due to financial reasons. It wasn't until 2009 that I really jumped back in seriously as I was given a Nikon D40 kit camera by my mom who is still my biggest fan and encourages me to follow my love of photography. A short time later I upgraded to a Nikon D7000 and now to a Nikon D600.

As any serious photographer knows, it is a very expensive endeavor. The part that has surprised me is that each step forward is about spending more money and spending many hours learning the next steps which seems to keep branching out in different directions especially when turning a hobby into a business. My love for photography and the support of my followers is really what keeps me going as sometimes it just seems overwhelming!

I hope you enjoy my work and hopefully you feel some of what I felt when I captured the moment.


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